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Friday, March 23, 2012

Not The Greatet News/ Heard Worse

Well hello everyone! As you already heard from my video blog post, yes it did spread. Once again; I heard the same line that I heard back in 2010 of November, a month after I had found out that I have inflammatory breast cancer; I was given an expiration date back then. When I heard the news that it spread; I didn't feel like it was the end for me. I believe that I was given another challenge to deal with it as I choose. And I choose to keep fighting no matter what! Someone told me something last week when I was at church; staying positive is key. And also, pray to never lose your faith! I definitly needed that reminder! Praying to never lose my faith, and stay positive; which I had already been doing. But I have already been doing so, since I heard that not so lovely news back in "10". Praying, staying strong in the faith, getting prayers from everyone, staying positive, & and laughing! I really like having a good laugh; it gets me in a better mood. Praying, and laughing always lifts up my spirits! Doesn't hurt to shed tears every now then either. Just let it out!! It's not healthy to hold it in. I'm no expert. Don't claim to be either. It doesn't take a rocket scientest to know that one out though. It will only make you feel worse. Well, that is all. Please take care, and God Bless! Peace...

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