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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, today I had my visit with my doctor, in between the blood work and the chemo. All is very good!! The chemo is working people; the chemo is working!! Amen!!! I am so thanking God for this, I couldn't be more happy to hear something like that. And yes, unlike the last visit, when my blood count was too low for me too get my treatment, today was a good day. My protien and calcium is good also. Can't complain. Grant it, I'm not always thrilled about going. Who is? But I know that I'm not the only one. I get a break on my Birthday though. Three weeks on one week off. And I know I'm going to like that day for sure. Well, good bye to the thirties!! The forties are coming! I don't mind telling my age. It's just a number, and you're only as old as you feel! Well that is all folks! God Bless, and have a good one! Peace...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not Really Sure!

I guess some people have a truly beautiful and meaningful life. Others; umm... well, not so much. Not too sure about people who really have it made. I don't think that they are truly happy. But then again; maybe they do have it all! The beautiful, meaningful part included. You don't for sure, unless you knew this person or, persons before they hit the big time. Some just lose sight, and let it go to their head. Some still haven't forgotten where they came from, and are still the most beautiful persons they once were when they first started! Don't mind me, I'm just ramboling on; just about anything I guess. Getting a little frusterated too! Keep checking my Adsense page to see if I earned anything from my blogging yet.$ 0.01. And been like that since last month. Well, at least it went up a little bit. Better be careful and not spend it all in one place. He! He! I started doing this blogging since last September, it took me a few months to figure out how to earn money doing this! I read some stuff. But, I just would like too read about the things I need to know without a whole bunch of information! Is it because maybe that I have too many ads? I haven't done any deleting or rearanging in a while. It's been a couple of months since I done that. I don't mean to sound like a whiner or a b word. I just would like for once to make a little extra money, and I haven't seem to be getting no where! Do my blogs need some work done? please let me know! Thank you, God Bless!! And have good one! Peace...

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Stupeflix Video

Hope you all enjoy this free video that I put together on Youtube!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Fictional Story About Something That Happens Everyday To Someone

Wow; here it goes people. This is a story of a couple that has been married for quite some time. They seemed like the happiest couple,they went plcaes together; they builded a home together. Shared some laughters, and shred some tears. Even though they have been married for some time; twenty something years to say the least, it really hasn't been that long.But long enough to go through the good and bad times. Wiping each others tears; making each other laugh. Until, all of a sudden, one day everything started to change. It was like it happened in an blink of an eye. All of a sudden, just like that; bam, they lost that spark ingnighted their flame! The best part is that neither one really knew that was even going on! They just went about what they always do in their married life. Only, something was missing; hmm what could that be? Lack of intimatacy.It's neither one's fault, it's something tht can happen in everyones married life. And of course, another thing that happens in a married life when one or both are losing that intimacy for each other; one of the two will start looking for someone else online, or through these 800 numbers and a lot of texting too. Okay, it was the husband that started doing this. Only, the wife had no idea this was going on, because she was always going about what she always did in her daily life. But, it didn't take long for her to notice that something wasn't right; she just couldn't quite put her finger on it just yet. Though,very persistant; this faithful wife of twenty something years to someone that she still loves unconditionally, will not give in until she gets down to the bottom of this! Though, yes she won't let her husband know that she is doing this either. She just goes about doing what always does in her married life. Holding down the fort, by cooking, cleaning, paying their bills, and taking care of their children that they both love very much. This husband of hers, works in an office. Usually works decent hours five days a week 365 days a year. Okay, she just found one piece of the puzzle, all of a sudden, he starts working later hours; which doesn't make any sense. No one at this place of of work, did any over time! That was cut out to keep this place going, and everyone employed. Okay, long story short; you know men no offense guys; anyway,someone accidently left his cell phone in the livingroom one night; on the charger of course. Not very smart. I guess he was so tired that he wasn't thinking straight. Lucky for his wife; yes, she had to do it! She has to find out if her suspiciousions were true or not true. Yes, the text messaging started already. And sure enough her suspicious mind was right all along! How do you think she felt after all these years? All these years without complaining, this person who put her heart and soul into everything! She loves unconditionally. She always did the best that she could in everything that she did, no matter what! Now; she is wondering, after all these years what in the world did she do wrong?! What did she do wrong?! Yesserie, her mind is racing a million miles a second! What do you think this person should do first? Calm down and pray while taking some deep breaths? Or should she go balistic? I like the first one better. Does anyone agree with me on this one? Beacuse praying is something I do everyday when I just need a moment with our LORD God. Yes, it works! Please don't knock it. Well, that is all for now. Please, by all means; don't hesitate to give some imput. It is much appriciated. Thank you everyone! Have good one, and God Bless! Peace...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kids, Back At School!

Well, today got off to a pretty good start! Today was the first day back at school for a lot of us! Only, my oldest; who goes out to River Rouge to go to school, waits by the trailor court for the bus to come; go figure it didn't show up at all! He was out there ten minutes early like they said, only to find out by one of our neighbours that the power was out in area. I watch the news every morning, it show that city at all. So I had him wait a little longer. It was a little bit after eight. My husband, who didn't have to be at work until ten, told him to come back in. I have tried calling the school to see if there was any school at all. Both times, no answer! Wow; first day of school, and my oldest didn't have to go! My youngest did! Well, we will see what happens tomorrow folks! Good thing it wasn't raining out this morning! Today was a half day for a lot of students, full day the rest of the week. I'll have to admit; I don't really like getting up early myself, but I'm used to it. It may take at least two times to hit the snooze button; I still get up before the rest of them do. 5:25,5:30am for me. I don't have coffee to wake me up, I have tea first, then the coffee! Sound strange?! Decaf coffee now. Ran out of the regular, so now I drinking the decaf. Not that it matters to me. I usually drink coffee to warm up. The tea I drink, to stay healthy. Trying to anyway! Unlike last year; this year is more of a challenge, with me getting chemo for my condition. I doing too bad considering. Some masks were brought for me, so if I absolutly have to go out; on it goes. My husband said, I look goofy wearing one. Which I thought wasn't very nice. I let it go. But, today I will be heading out to take my oldest to an appointment. He could go by himself; only today a parent has to be their to sign some papers. Dagnet! He see's a phsycoloist. He can't see a regular doctor by himself. Well, that is all everyone. God Bless, and have a good one!! Peace...