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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Worried? Me; No Way!!

Well, hello everyone! Well as of last week, I had my CT and Bone scan done. Sooo, am I worried about the results of these tests? At first; maybe. Not so much now though. I had those tests before. And with God's grace; I am still here, Amen!! Grant it, I won't lie; it really does suck to have this! But,I shouldn't complain. It could have been worse. I could not have checked and never found out and not be here right now. But; I did check my breasts and found something that was a little unusual. And yes, so did my husband. I won't get into detail, though it is what helped me still be here today folks! And I still check for anything else unusual. I have to. I do my best also to stay positive; regardless of this trial that I am being put through. I stay strong for my children, because even though they know what I have and what I am getting done every week; I still want them to have a normal as possible kind of life. When they are at school, or even when they are home; I have that moment when I just want to cry or if I'm really in one of those moods when I need to punch a pillow or the bed, I come back to the bedroom. It really helps relieve all the pain and the frustration of this bad C word I'm going through. Yes, I do pray to our God everyday and every night. He knows me! He knew me before I was born, before I was even thought of; period!! And with all the prayers I'm getting; and the support of everyone who knows my family & myself; (even those who don't know us as well praying for us), Thank you!! It is very comforting to know. This coming Thursday I start another 'round'! You see, I go three weeks on; one week off. Then on the fourth week; which is this coming week; I get all 3. Blood work, Doctor, & last but not least the infusion area for my chemo treatment! I will also be hearing the results of last weeks tests. Like I said, no worries. I leave it in God's hands! I'm praying that no matter what I hear; I will keep on moving! With my other tests that weren't as great, something was done about it! They are doing they're best to keep me around for as long as possible, they know that rest is up to God! Yes, I mention God all the time in my blogs! And I have no shame in doing so! I believe in him, and I believe he is keeping me here for a really good reason! And so I have a really good reason to be greatful to him!! God is good indeed! One of these days though, I am bound and determined to get a pink wig!! And where it to represent everyone going through, or has fought and won, or for those fought and are no longer with us! I feel we are all a big family going through this! We are bound together! It really sucks having this! But I know we can stick together and fight this! Also, I wouldn't mind having a purple wig either; to represent all types of cancer. I probally sound silly. But, that's alright; because sometimes I am silly! Lol, can't help it! Besides, there is nothing wrong with being a little silly once in a while! If it's what gets a person through the day, or if you had a hard day. It helps to have a silly moment! Well, that is all for right now. I have to get up early this morning. Yes, I said, this morning, because it is after 1:30 am right now on my side of the fence, for those who live in different time zones. God Bless, and have a good one! Peace....

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