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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Facebook; Go Figure

Cancer survivor’s mastectomy photos banned by Facebook for being ‘pornographic’ - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK: I do not see anything wrong with what she is doing! I know I have seen worse, and not a thing was done about it! Someone needs to get their priorities straight. Good grief!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feeling Better...

Hello, I know, it has been a while. Can't remember how long it has been though. Well, if I remember right; I have metioned that I am on a new chemo treatment called Ixempra. I was supposed to get my second treatment two weeks ago. But it was put on hold because I was complaining of lower back pain. The doc wanted to get me addmitted to urgent care at the hospital. Not knowing how long it was going to be before I would get an MRI done. I ended up getting it done that same evening. But, I still stayed at the hospital overnight. Didn't have a restful night though; my righty was hurting. And if that wasn't hurting, my puffy arm was hurting. Ice-pack wasn't working, Neither was the pain pills that was given to me. Slept on and off. The next morning; found out my MRI results. It was good, no new cancer growth! Thank you Father in Heaven!! Then I had an ultrasound done on my puffy right arm. All good on that too. But, later that day when went home; I was in more pain when I left than when I was additted! I was in so much pain. Not even a pain pill could help. Yes, I was also prescribed constiptation pills, and that powder stuff too. Because, I was constipated. Not comfortable on top of the lower back pain. I was misserabe the whole weekend. Monday was a better day when I received a phone call from the nurse who works with my doctor, checking up on me. I let her know what was going on. She prescribed me something that really broke the damm. As my nurse told me the next day when she called me the next day, to see if the medicine helped. Oooh yes, it worked!! I was definitly feeling better! Phew.. don't want to have that experince again, that was a nightmare! I still get lower back pain, only it's not as bad. I wake up with it; but through the day it's alright. I only take take the pain pills when I need it. I get a little pain at night too. It's getting better. But I take a pain pill to ease the pain before I lay down to go to sleep. However, there is a ton more going on, that I have metioned before. Like keeping a roof over our heads. Then another bill that is driving me nuts! But we are supposed to be getting help though. We did get help with one bill though. Just keeping everything a float! With a lot of prayer; God has been really good. Perfect timing!! Well, that is all! Have a good one, God Bless!! Peace...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cheater, Cheater!! Pumkin Eater!!

Yup, cheater husbands, what is up with that?! What makes a man want to cheat on his wife? Men; can you answer this one. I guess it's raging hormones. Or because his wife of upteen years is not feeling it with him anymore. Or maybe it's because she is going through something that is making her feel that way, and has brought it up to her doctor about it. And suggestions were made, by her doctor. Stuff happens in a relationship that is just too hard to explain. I guess when you are married longer than ten years, you get to that point where you are not really feeling it for some strange reason. And the husband turns to porn, and it gets to the point where it ends up getting out of hand. He ends up what he thinks is being secret about it. Little does he know, that women are not stupid, it doesn't matter what hair color we have! She has this feeling that something isn't right. You know; when you have been with a person for so many years, you know what makes the other one tick, and you also remember how you two got together. And then getting to know eachother as time goes on. As from a female's point of view; it's like we remember everything. We remember how our man used to treat us. I'm not putting all men down. Their are really good men out there. Besides, we're all human, and humans do make a lot of mistakes. Usually the same mistake over, and over, and over again. Well, like I was saying; this husband makes the mistake of leaving his cell on the charger in the living room. While he is back in the room sleeping, yes she gets up early; she checks his cell and looks at the text messages back and fourth. Hmm, sure enough. Well, what do ya know; he did the nasty with another who from probally reading these texts, has no idea that he is married to another! So, wow! This is really a good one, nice going dude!! What's really sad about this is that not women confront their other halfabout this; or at least not right away. Why, hmmm. I am having trouble trying to figure that one out. Maybe she is waiting for just the right time to get all out in the open. Yup, we know when don't we. It's really funny how we think and do. I'm not saying we're manipulative, we just get to that certain point, where enough is enough. Your out!! For years you sacrafice, with no complaints. Only for him to go and cheat on you with someone he calls; my love!!! When, all this time she thought she was his love; because that is he has told her for so many years. Woe! I'm no expert, so I will just leave it at that. Have a good one, and God Bless!! Peace in your heart!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Not The Greatet News/ Heard Worse

Well hello everyone! As you already heard from my video blog post, yes it did spread. Once again; I heard the same line that I heard back in 2010 of November, a month after I had found out that I have inflammatory breast cancer; I was given an expiration date back then. When I heard the news that it spread; I didn't feel like it was the end for me. I believe that I was given another challenge to deal with it as I choose. And I choose to keep fighting no matter what! Someone told me something last week when I was at church; staying positive is key. And also, pray to never lose your faith! I definitly needed that reminder! Praying to never lose my faith, and stay positive; which I had already been doing. But I have already been doing so, since I heard that not so lovely news back in "10". Praying, staying strong in the faith, getting prayers from everyone, staying positive, & and laughing! I really like having a good laugh; it gets me in a better mood. Praying, and laughing always lifts up my spirits! Doesn't hurt to shed tears every now then either. Just let it out!! It's not healthy to hold it in. I'm no expert. Don't claim to be either. It doesn't take a rocket scientest to know that one out though. It will only make you feel worse. Well, that is all. Please take care, and God Bless! Peace...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Worried? Me; No Way!!

Well, hello everyone! Well as of last week, I had my CT and Bone scan done. Sooo, am I worried about the results of these tests? At first; maybe. Not so much now though. I had those tests before. And with God's grace; I am still here, Amen!! Grant it, I won't lie; it really does suck to have this! But,I shouldn't complain. It could have been worse. I could not have checked and never found out and not be here right now. But; I did check my breasts and found something that was a little unusual. And yes, so did my husband. I won't get into detail, though it is what helped me still be here today folks! And I still check for anything else unusual. I have to. I do my best also to stay positive; regardless of this trial that I am being put through. I stay strong for my children, because even though they know what I have and what I am getting done every week; I still want them to have a normal as possible kind of life. When they are at school, or even when they are home; I have that moment when I just want to cry or if I'm really in one of those moods when I need to punch a pillow or the bed, I come back to the bedroom. It really helps relieve all the pain and the frustration of this bad C word I'm going through. Yes, I do pray to our God everyday and every night. He knows me! He knew me before I was born, before I was even thought of; period!! And with all the prayers I'm getting; and the support of everyone who knows my family & myself; (even those who don't know us as well praying for us), Thank you!! It is very comforting to know. This coming Thursday I start another 'round'! You see, I go three weeks on; one week off. Then on the fourth week; which is this coming week; I get all 3. Blood work, Doctor, & last but not least the infusion area for my chemo treatment! I will also be hearing the results of last weeks tests. Like I said, no worries. I leave it in God's hands! I'm praying that no matter what I hear; I will keep on moving! With my other tests that weren't as great, something was done about it! They are doing they're best to keep me around for as long as possible, they know that rest is up to God! Yes, I mention God all the time in my blogs! And I have no shame in doing so! I believe in him, and I believe he is keeping me here for a really good reason! And so I have a really good reason to be greatful to him!! God is good indeed! One of these days though, I am bound and determined to get a pink wig!! And where it to represent everyone going through, or has fought and won, or for those fought and are no longer with us! I feel we are all a big family going through this! We are bound together! It really sucks having this! But I know we can stick together and fight this! Also, I wouldn't mind having a purple wig either; to represent all types of cancer. I probally sound silly. But, that's alright; because sometimes I am silly! Lol, can't help it! Besides, there is nothing wrong with being a little silly once in a while! If it's what gets a person through the day, or if you had a hard day. It helps to have a silly moment! Well, that is all for right now. I have to get up early this morning. Yes, I said, this morning, because it is after 1:30 am right now on my side of the fence, for those who live in different time zones. God Bless, and have a good one! Peace....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cancer Knows No Age!

This was my mommy @ The Breast Cancer Site: So sad, it really frusterates me when; no matter if it runs in the family or not, to get told that you don't need a mammogram at a certain age! That to no end really ticks me off!! Please be persistant everyone, God Bless! Peace...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cool Song!!

Watch "MGK Ft Ester Dean - Invincible Lyrics" on YouTube: Pretty cool song, please listen. Don't worry, I will be blogging a post soon people! Please bear with me; Thanks, and God Bless!! Peace....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Education And Attention Recommended Regarding Rare Breast Cancer

More Education And Attention Recommended Regarding Rare Breast Cancer: This is what I have by another person going through this; to who's website I folliw on Facebook, & Twitter. Please check this out! It gives a lot more information about this type of cancer. Thank you.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hospital, is where I did this.

Watch "My Stupeflix Video" on YouTube: Hope you all like this one. It was done one their laptop, while getting my chemo treatment done.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Thank you everyone for reading my blogs. I do my best to keep everyone posted about whatever is going on in my life, about my hospital visits. I know that I don't blog like, every day, or even every week for that matter! I'm sorry about that! I guess I should try a little bit harder? Well, please don't take this the wrong way everyone; I have been trying really hard to make my blogs readable. I have tried everything imaginable to; like all these other fabulious bloggers; to earn some extra dough. Doesn't seem to be working?!!!!! No!!! I have been bloging since 9/2010. Since then I have been I have been trying earn a $$$$!!! I have been checking my earnings, $0.00 everytime! And, yes I check my stats too. That's how I know I have readers! How do these other bloggers do it?! That is my question! Rock And Droll, Good Girl Gone Green, That Damn Pam etc.!! How in the freakin world do they do it?! Ever since watching Local 4 news in Detroit, about these ladies who are mom bloggers; earning money, I was like wow! I got to try this!! Don't get me wrong; I am not a money hungry person. I enjoy bloging because I get to vent about whatever is on my mind! It helps to get it off your chest! Very theraputic!! I don't metion names either. That's personal info. people! However, I wouldn't mind earning some income for something that I enjoy doing without leaving home. And, for some reason still not seeing those zereos going anywhere! I can't help but wonder if it's the Blogger page itself, do I need to go find another that will actually help me earn some income doing something that I really enjoy doing? Right now I'm doing this from a phone. Because, for a while, since Sept./ Oct., we haven't have internet. Paid the bill on Friday when I finally had some money to pay it. Long story short. I have to call back and try to get our service back on so our computer can be used again! I like my phone; can't complain, and I shouldn't on that note! So, there you have it folks! Once again, Thank you for reading my blogs! God Bless, and take care! Peace...