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Friday, June 24, 2011

Can't Complain!

So awsome; Evon though, I didn't hear the greatest of news at my appointment on Thursday, the support was the best! And, I know it's because, God had a hand in that support system! I coudn't ask for more! Thank you God for all these wonderful people in my life!! I am truely greatful for! It's because of  you that I am getting stronger; in everything that comes my way!! Thank you LORD! Hearing not so great news the first time was hard. I cried hard! Now if I hear something like what I heard on Thursday; grant it, I didn't like it, but wasn't as bad. I always let all my Family and friends know what's going on. Social Networking, it can be good; and well, you know the rest! I like to use it for good. To share things like; my Blogs! So I hope all of  you who read my blogs; please... don't hesitate to leave a comment. I do enjoy reading , and I appriciate any input! Thanks everyone for your time, it is greatly appriciated! Please take care, and God Bless!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I couldn't think of  a title, so I thought I be polite and say, hello.How's summer going for everyone sofar? Not too bad on this end. I have my usual appointments tomorrow. The blood work, seeing my cancer Doctor, and the infusion area! No, it's no picnic; but as long as it's keeping me alive longer, and I don't lose my way, faith wise, I will be alright! I am so thankful for all the prayers and the support that I have been getting! It is so awsome!! Thank you all!! I greatly appriciate it! I  will let you all know sometime tomorrow how my appointment went! Please pray for me that I hear some more good news, for I know I will be doing my part for sure! Well, that is all, Thank you for your time! God Bless, and have a good one!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is what I made with my photo in " Lab" ( application.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Hello everyone!! How's it going sofar?! Not too bad on this side of the fence. Well, the kids are on their summer break, doesn't bother me; I get to sleep in a little!! At least until 8 or 9 in the morning. He! My husband woke me up before 8 this morning, the nerve!! The reason; so I can take my medication. I take mine a little bit after, like around 8:30, or 9. So no; I wasn't a happy camper this morning! I'm usually not this crabby, well... maybe it's because I'm getting older, or it's the medication, the shots to shut down my overies,or the infusion for my bones: or all of the above!!! Whatever it is, he's going to have to bear with me on my crabbiness. He! He! God Love him for making sure I took my medecine though. Even though, I do a pretty good job of taking it with no reminders. He was being helpful, I give him credit for that! He is doing an awsome job lately, with doing his job search online like he's supossed to, and he going to his Ged classes! And, on top of that; he's doing his best at being a good husband and father. It's not easy; I know he has a lot on his mind right now. I keep praying for him, because of that! I pray for him to have a good day, and I pray for him to get a job too. We are having  money problems right now, but we are working on it! Doing our best to keep the rent paid down, paying the rest of our bills, and keeping food on the table I know the Bridge Card is only temporary; but until my husband gets a job, we're still using it.Things will get better eventually, I have faith that it will happen in due time! Well, that is all! have a good one, and God Bless!

Friday, June 10, 2011

''These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may believe in the name of the Son of God.'' -1John 5:13 Quotes by DodsonEng

''Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You'' -Psalm 119:11 Quotes by DodsonEng

''To know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding'' -Proverbs 1:2 Quotes by DodsonEng

You tube baby!!

Cool!! Good beat!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

musicmom: Stress; Who Needs It?!

musicmom: Stress; Who Needs It?!: "Hello, I know, I know, haven't been blogging for a couple of days! Well, yesterday I had one of those nasty headaches that would not go away..."

Stress; Who Needs It?!

Hello, I know, I know, haven't been blogging for a couple of days! Well, yesterday I had one of those nasty headaches that would not go away at all!! It will start too however, but every time it would start to go away when laying down; my darling husband would not leave me be!! He kept bugging me; ARRGH!!! So there for, my headache was not getting any better,even when I went out to the living room! No, my husband was not in school yesterday, so there for I suffered!! Yes, I love my husband, but; okay all you ladies know what I'm talking about out there right? I'm not saying that he doesn't try and help me; he does a pretty good job of helping me! But yesterday, husband wasn't letting me rest!!! I was getting pretty irritated, and yes a little moody, because he would not let me rest when the kids were at school! I was even trying to rest when the kids were home from school. Wasn't working!!! Once again, my darling husband would not leave me alone! Grant it, he did appologized later!! I really do think that it was a stress headache that I had yesterday! Well, I do feel better today!! No headaches, woo hoo!! God Bless, and have a good one!