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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cheater, Cheater!! Pumkin Eater!!

Yup, cheater husbands, what is up with that?! What makes a man want to cheat on his wife? Men; can you answer this one. I guess it's raging hormones. Or because his wife of upteen years is not feeling it with him anymore. Or maybe it's because she is going through something that is making her feel that way, and has brought it up to her doctor about it. And suggestions were made, by her doctor. Stuff happens in a relationship that is just too hard to explain. I guess when you are married longer than ten years, you get to that point where you are not really feeling it for some strange reason. And the husband turns to porn, and it gets to the point where it ends up getting out of hand. He ends up what he thinks is being secret about it. Little does he know, that women are not stupid, it doesn't matter what hair color we have! She has this feeling that something isn't right. You know; when you have been with a person for so many years, you know what makes the other one tick, and you also remember how you two got together. And then getting to know eachother as time goes on. As from a female's point of view; it's like we remember everything. We remember how our man used to treat us. I'm not putting all men down. Their are really good men out there. Besides, we're all human, and humans do make a lot of mistakes. Usually the same mistake over, and over, and over again. Well, like I was saying; this husband makes the mistake of leaving his cell on the charger in the living room. While he is back in the room sleeping, yes she gets up early; she checks his cell and looks at the text messages back and fourth. Hmm, sure enough. Well, what do ya know; he did the nasty with another who from probally reading these texts, has no idea that he is married to another! So, wow! This is really a good one, nice going dude!! What's really sad about this is that not women confront their other halfabout this; or at least not right away. Why, hmmm. I am having trouble trying to figure that one out. Maybe she is waiting for just the right time to get all out in the open. Yup, we know when don't we. It's really funny how we think and do. I'm not saying we're manipulative, we just get to that certain point, where enough is enough. Your out!! For years you sacrafice, with no complaints. Only for him to go and cheat on you with someone he calls; my love!!! When, all this time she thought she was his love; because that is he has told her for so many years. Woe! I'm no expert, so I will just leave it at that. Have a good one, and God Bless!! Peace in your heart!

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