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Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh boy; More appointments coming up!

Well, a new year; new tests getting done. Just last week, I had blood work done. Then, after that; went to see my oncologist & my nurse; so they could see how I'm doing. Sofar so good. I pray to God, the blood work turned out good also.Can't help it! You know, there was a time, that going to the Doctors wasn't so bad.Or when my mother - in - law would have appointments at the same hospital, it wasn't so bad.No offence, I guess now that it's getting easier; I'm also getting this fear that; oh man, I hope everything is not too bad! Maybee I shouldn't sweat it. I mean, after all, I am getting all kinds of prayers & support! Even from people I don't even know! So okay, I guess I shouldn't worry too much! I need to be thanking God more and more; everyday! I have done so! But, I need to do more!Well, that is all.

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