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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh my goodness!

Well, hello everyone! I know it has been awhile. I am considering myself extremely greatful for many reasons; as probaly aleady know of my condition, health wise, here is some good news to share. Okay, I was on Tamoxifen, now I am on a different hormonal treatment pill as of last month, called Arimidex. And sofar so good! It is definatly working for sure, that, and I think it's the injection Zoladex that is helping too. It is such an awsome feeling! God definatly had his hand in it. I am so greatful for all the prayers and all the support from family and friends!! We had a close call a few weeks ago when our landlord just about had us out in the street when, that very same day my husbands W2s came in, and we took it down to show our landlord, from there we had our taxes done. Today, we recieved our state. Just waitng on the other to pay what we owe. Which is too big to mention, we should have been booted out a while back! God has been so good to us in many ways! He saved us from getting kicked out that day! I have been thanking him everyday, for my life and for the perfect timing! Well, have a good one, and God Bless!!

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