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Friday, November 11, 2011

Well: Surprise! What Difference A Week Makes!

Yes! It was one exciting week . Considering last week when the landlord handed me the eviction notice. Well, just yesterday, my husband and myself, went to the Department Of Human Services, after my appointments; with the eviction notice, and our DTE bill, for gas & lights, to fill out a State Emergency Relief form. Our worker came out and asked if their is anyone waiting to see him. My husband went up to show the eviction notice. The worker to the paper to the back to check on it. It is not stamped by the court. Duh; shouldn't of worried so much. Yeah, our worker told my husband that they cannot kick us out. Then he said, that we have to have a court ordered eviction notice in order to get help.  But, another person working their; calling people up that filled out the SER form. My husband went up and gave it the other person collecting the forms. Okay, anyway; he also showed the lady the eviction notice. She said, the same thing that our worker said, the he cannot evict us, it's a scare tactic. However, she did tell us different on the part about waiting for a court ordered eviction notice. She told us not to wait for that. So, I didn't hear everything that was said, but if I'm not mistaken, I think she told him to get annother SER form to take home and fill out. And we grabed different form to finish filling out at home. Because, I was starting to fill it out at the DHS office. We're reapplying for a bridge card, and medical for hubby. So, needless to say; I need to finish filling that out, like pronto; and my hubby can fill out the SER form! The reason I didn't finish the other paper today, was because, one I was writing another list of things that need to be fixed in and outside the trailer. So it can be taken to the post office to get it certified sent. My sister - in - law metioned this to me earlier, and to make sure the landlord signs the letter and send it back. Stating that he had recieved it, read it; and signed it. So, just in case, witch I hope it doesn't come down to that; court, we have something to back us up. Otherwise; we're screwed. So, I got the letter done. Just need a ride to the post office. I was also getting dishes done, that needed to get done. And also  started on some laundry today. Had some energy to do something today. One thing that I am not to thrilled about, is the payment arrangement that had to be set up on my phone. I just paid the bill at the beginning of this month, yes, I'm behind, and the payment they want, is rediculous! Just to keep the phones on they want $ 300 & something today!! Doesn't look like that's going to happen though, not today. So, it looks like I will be back to recieving calls again and going to the library to go on the computers. No biggy on the internet part; just don't like the part about not being able to make any phone calls again. Like I said, what a crazy week I'm having!! If  if I knew what numbers to play on one of those lottery tickets. I'd play it in a hearbeat!! Then I could get us out of dept for sure! And I would help out The Salvation Army, and these other places that help those in need. I want to remain silent about it. I don't want to be seen on the news or heard on the radio that I helped these places. I just would like to make someones life a little easier. Especially around Christmas time. That would be all the reward I need; just knowing I'm helping someone, is enough for me!! God will see what I'm doing too. That too, is even better! Well, that is all folks! God Bless, and have a good one! Take care, peace....

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