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Monday, January 2, 2012


Thank you everyone for reading my blogs. I do my best to keep everyone posted about whatever is going on in my life, about my hospital visits. I know that I don't blog like, every day, or even every week for that matter! I'm sorry about that! I guess I should try a little bit harder? Well, please don't take this the wrong way everyone; I have been trying really hard to make my blogs readable. I have tried everything imaginable to; like all these other fabulious bloggers; to earn some extra dough. Doesn't seem to be working?!!!!! No!!! I have been bloging since 9/2010. Since then I have been I have been trying earn a $$$$!!! I have been checking my earnings, $0.00 everytime! And, yes I check my stats too. That's how I know I have readers! How do these other bloggers do it?! That is my question! Rock And Droll, Good Girl Gone Green, That Damn Pam etc.!! How in the freakin world do they do it?! Ever since watching Local 4 news in Detroit, about these ladies who are mom bloggers; earning money, I was like wow! I got to try this!! Don't get me wrong; I am not a money hungry person. I enjoy bloging because I get to vent about whatever is on my mind! It helps to get it off your chest! Very theraputic!! I don't metion names either. That's personal info. people! However, I wouldn't mind earning some income for something that I enjoy doing without leaving home. And, for some reason still not seeing those zereos going anywhere! I can't help but wonder if it's the Blogger page itself, do I need to go find another that will actually help me earn some income doing something that I really enjoy doing? Right now I'm doing this from a phone. Because, for a while, since Sept./ Oct., we haven't have internet. Paid the bill on Friday when I finally had some money to pay it. Long story short. I have to call back and try to get our service back on so our computer can be used again! I like my phone; can't complain, and I shouldn't on that note! So, there you have it folks! Once again, Thank you for reading my blogs! God Bless, and take care! Peace...

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