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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feeling Better...

Hello, I know, it has been a while. Can't remember how long it has been though. Well, if I remember right; I have metioned that I am on a new chemo treatment called Ixempra. I was supposed to get my second treatment two weeks ago. But it was put on hold because I was complaining of lower back pain. The doc wanted to get me addmitted to urgent care at the hospital. Not knowing how long it was going to be before I would get an MRI done. I ended up getting it done that same evening. But, I still stayed at the hospital overnight. Didn't have a restful night though; my righty was hurting. And if that wasn't hurting, my puffy arm was hurting. Ice-pack wasn't working, Neither was the pain pills that was given to me. Slept on and off. The next morning; found out my MRI results. It was good, no new cancer growth! Thank you Father in Heaven!! Then I had an ultrasound done on my puffy right arm. All good on that too. But, later that day when went home; I was in more pain when I left than when I was additted! I was in so much pain. Not even a pain pill could help. Yes, I was also prescribed constiptation pills, and that powder stuff too. Because, I was constipated. Not comfortable on top of the lower back pain. I was misserabe the whole weekend. Monday was a better day when I received a phone call from the nurse who works with my doctor, checking up on me. I let her know what was going on. She prescribed me something that really broke the damm. As my nurse told me the next day when she called me the next day, to see if the medicine helped. Oooh yes, it worked!! I was definitly feeling better! Phew.. don't want to have that experince again, that was a nightmare! I still get lower back pain, only it's not as bad. I wake up with it; but through the day it's alright. I only take take the pain pills when I need it. I get a little pain at night too. It's getting better. But I take a pain pill to ease the pain before I lay down to go to sleep. However, there is a ton more going on, that I have metioned before. Like keeping a roof over our heads. Then another bill that is driving me nuts! But we are supposed to be getting help though. We did get help with one bill though. Just keeping everything a float! With a lot of prayer; God has been really good. Perfect timing!! Well, that is all! Have a good one, God Bless!! Peace...

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