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Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, please bear with me.I am still learning this blogging thing.Here is the thing that has been bugging me for quit some time now,I have two cell phones in my name and yes, it has the web on it, and of course match .com, chat rooms.Which to me is not all that great when your husband can't seem to stay off the phone! He's on it like he's playing a video game! Every time I see him, he's got the texting going on.And, even though he is doing it sitting at other end of the couch, he is being very secrective about it. There has been plenty of times he'd go in our bedroom; and lock the door. Well, what doesn't help, is that my husband had lost his job last month.So, I don't know if it's because; he wants somone other than me to chat with,or, he really is  cheating on me/ or actullay wanting to.We have been married for fifteen years,have two wonderful kids,one is 9th grade; and the other had to repeat 1st grade.I've been through thick and thin with him! I stuck by him when no one else would.I don't get it.

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