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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Well, it's true.Certain people are total jerks!!

Ever get the feeling that, you are totally not wanted in your own home; or is it just me kind of feeling? Well, I was feeling that feeling this morning! I don't know why I feel like this. Maybe, something isn't right. I'm not really sure.I guess I'm just halucinating! I guess I'm just overeacting about the fact that, my husband was acting a little funny this morning. And, I have a feeling that  I know what it is.I was going to do a little reading this morning out in our living room.My husband 'said, why don't you read in the bedroom, it's quiet. It was how he 'said, it that sounded a little funny. I'm like; okay fine. So when I was done reading, I come out to the dinning room,just to see how he was doing on searching for jobs on the computer. He was like god; why are you always looking at what I am doing? I gave you space yesterday on the computer! That, right there, told me something was not right! So; I went back to our bedroom, almost crying, not quite; and just went to lay down for a little bit. And then, when I got up, I put my hoodie on, grabed my purse; and 'said. to my husband; see you later! I also 'said, I wouldn't want you to think I'm spying on you! And then; I left! He really must think that I have no clue of what he is up to. I got news, I know! I knew for a while what, he has been doing? I just didn't want to believe it! I am not sure why he is doing this to me; maybee he is bored for two reasons: 1. He's not working! 2. Maybee he is losing interest in me.After all; we have been married for 15 years! I guess I should find out from the horses mouth Huh!!

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