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Friday, October 8, 2010

Just Great: Now I have to worry about everything being turned off!!!

Well, today was the day my husband was supposed to find out his unemployent. He did call like he was supposed to, only to find out that, he has to wait until next week to call them back up!! Just dandy!! Is  it me; or is Michigan a Big pain in the butt!!!? It's rediculious! How much longer do people have to wait to find out if the're even getting the're money!? It's bad enough, when you're out there putting in applications, and still; NO JOB!! Let's put it this way; the way my husband was let go from his job wasn't right! There is favoritisum shown to one person at, where my husband used to work. I should know, I always heard about it when my husband came home from work. My husband worked his ass off at that place!! He always wore a clean uniform to work; everyday! And; he was always on time. It was the type of job where there was a call phone.The guys took turns using it. It's a tire place, dealing with semi trucks, tour buses, eveything commercial!! My husband NEVER turned down working overtime! Never. Oh, and by the way,can someone please tell me how I can get paid doing this stuff? Thankyou, bye for now!

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