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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Inflamitory Breast Cancer!

Well, as of last month I found out that I have inflamitory breast cancer! I have never heard of that. A week after I found out, I was supossed to start chemo.That did not happen! A couple of spots were found, one on my liver, and one on my breast bone.Well, I found out recently that the one on my breast bone is cancer.I was given Hormone Therapy, because of the fact that I still get my periods is why I am going to put into earily menopause.I had just started last Friday.I wasn't too trilled when I heard latest news, so I am getting a second opnion.Nothing wrong with the U of M, but, I will be going to a place where they only deal with cancer.Barbara Karmonos. I refuse to give up! I have two kids who are still in school, a 9th grader,& a 1st grader, and husband I want to grow old with! I am scared like you wouldn't believe. But, at the same time,I have faith in God! That will never change. I have a fighting spirit, and a bunch of support from family and friends! Please have a good one, and; God Bless!

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