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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's New?!

Well, not too much is going on right now; except that a certain in-law on my husbands side, is driving me crazy! I won't name names. But, anyone that knows this person besides my husband, knows exactly who I am talking about. Yes, this person came over our place yesterday when my youngest child was at church: and started the usual complaining! Don't get me wrong, I respect this person; but, on the other hand, I am tired of hearing this person complaining, over and over again!! This person was complaing that we never invite her to dinner! how can we; she's never home!! And then saying, that while have food to eat, she has none!! She is full of it! Grant it, she dooesn't have enough meat.I don't know if she is venting, or just holding a grudge so big that, she has to jump on anyone who has no choice but, to hear it!

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