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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Saturday!!

Hello everyone!! What's up? And how's everything going? Not too bad on this end. Only thing is my husband's check was a little low this week. Not that he didn't work any hours; it's because, not too long ago he had his car worked on at the shop, and the boss is taking a hundred dollars out of his check every week. He shows me his check stub all the time, not that I ask him to; he just does it. Anyway, he showed it yesterday, origenally it was three hundred and something. With the $100 taken out; it was only two hundred and something. Well, also stoped at the store because we needed a few things,and he also brought his mom some pop. And he put a full tank gas in the car, which is about fifty bucks, depending where the needle was at. The car is about twenty years old. It doesn't have to go far for that needle to drop. Just going to Livonia and back that lovely needle starts going down quick! But, on the bright side, no car payments!! Well; the only thing that is bugging me right now, is the landlord. As you all know from my past blogs; yes we are still behind on our rent, but he takes payments from us every week. Considering that my husband's check was kind of low, not this Saturday. My husband called and ended up leaving the landlord a message explaining why he couldn't pay him this time. I hope he will be understanding about it. Which he should be, because originally, a payment of $150 every week was the agreement; Now all of a sudden, it's $200 every week! Which is fine, but sometimes when able to pay that much. The last couple of times we were only able to pay him $150. This week, $0. He should be alright with it this week. Because for months we have been letting them know about our kids bedroom being without power. Still hasn't done anything about it. And in the living room, on of the windows leaks every time it rains, which is why we have a this white plastic up with a bunch of tape, and it's a wooden panel, so the blinds that were there when we moved in, kept falling down. They take forever in a year to do something. I know I shouldn't complain much, But how many months should a tennate wait to get their place worked on? Unfortionatly , we don't have any back up money, otherwise we could refuse to pay the rent until everything is done to our satisfaction. Yes we do rent, so there for they are supposed to make sure something such as electricity in a any room be taken care of! It's just one room, and for months they haven't made any effort to make sure that it gets taking care of! They bring in these other trailors and fix them up. Even though we been waiting for ours to get done! And yes it gets brought up to him every time! I know a lot people are going through the same situation as we are; and I know that in other countries there are other people on God' Green Earth have nothing! No food, no clean water, no clothes, health issues, and no proper education! I know that! I don't mean to sound ungreatful for what I don't have! I am extremely greatful for everything that I do have! I just need to vent every now and then. If I don't; then my health will get worse than it already is! And I really do not want that to happen If I can help it. well, now that I got all that off my chest; I have some awsome news that I already shared with my friends on Facebook. I had my three usual appointments on Thursday. The blood work, cancer doctor, and of course the infusion area for the chemo treatment. When I seen my doctor, I was told by his student doctor that my right breast went from a 54, to a 36!! Awsome!! and the lymphnodes have shrunk too. And my blood is good also!!! So Yes it was a good day! And yes, that is definatly one of the many things to be greatful for! Still feeling a little sluggish, but I am doing my best to eat right. Grant it I haven't been doing any exercise lately. But I still move around. Which is better than sitting constantly. 'Cause' that' not good on my health either. I do what I can do. Then I rest until I have the energy to get up again. So, yes it's a struggle everyday, I do my best! And I know I am going through this for a reason; it's God's way of telling me to take care myself. Yes I will admit that it sucks going through this. But, I'm doing it with a possitive, and with a fighting attitude! Well, that is all everyone! God Bless, and have a good one! Peace..

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