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Friday, August 5, 2011

No More Hormonal Treatments

Hello everyone!! How's it going sofar? Not so bad on this end. Well, as you already know; I had my first chemo treatment last week. It took a couple of days to adjust to it, after that; not so bad!! Had my second dose yesterday. Doing better this time around on this dose. I was told that it can get worse, but it also depends on the person. I feel that I will get better as it goes. With God's help of course! He has a lot to do with all the help and support that I have been getting!! It definatly helps keep my spirits up; even though, yes their are times that I do feel low, I don't stay down for long! I get back feeling alright! I haven't lost my faith in God at all! I just have my moments like everyone does. He knows each and everyone of our hearts; he knows us personally! It is so awsome to know that he has my back all the time! All the time!!! I'm fighting hard everyday, I'm doing my best to take care of me; and my children! I make eating healthy my number one priority, then, it's exercise. Though, being on those hormonal treatment pills wasn't helping me with the weight part, none the less; as of last month or so it seemed to not work well in the other department either, go figure. Grant it, I wasn't to happy to hear that it wasn't working very well. But, on the bright side of this, maybe I will be able to get the weight off a lot better than I was? We'll see what happens!! I will keep all informed of course. I know that eventually I will not get that time of the month again. Well, since the hormonal treatment stopped, and I'm not getting my overaies shut down now, Yes folks, please excuse me for saying this; but yes; it is that lovely time of the month again!! I also know that eventually after a while it's going to stop again! I don't know how long these treatments are going to last,I will be asking my doctor when I see him again of course. In the mean time, it's three weeks on, one week off, three weeks on again! That's what is going on everyone! And of course, that is all for now too! God Bless, and have a good one! Peace.

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