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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Can't Think Of Title?!

Hello! Long time no write! How's it going for everyone. Especially those who are struggling to keep a roof over your heads, and can't seem to get the help that you need from places that you are expected to go to get the help. Working your behind off only to pay others off that you owe, and to top it off paying on the car again because something else was worked on. So, a few weeks of paying a hundred dollars out the paycheck that my husband works for. I know, I know, I shouldn't be complaining right. Can't help it. Grant it; I should be greatful all the help I have been getting. And all the prayers I have been getting too! I really did have a good day today, it's just that I wish I could either hit the jackpot; or maybe  find a brief case with at least; $10,000 in it to pay five thousand and something to pay the rent in full. One hundred and fifty dollars we would normally pay every week. I would just like to be up to date. I wish he could just take take the fifty bucks that we have for him. But, I will just pray that everything will be alright for us. I'm doing my best to earn some kind of money from my blogging. Keep checking my stats; not a dime!! Not giving up though.  Not really hip on asking for any kind of help. I believe in working hard to pay the rent, other bills, & food, we have been getting that kind of help with the food. Which we are all truely greatful!!  Anyone knows what it feels like asking someone for so much as a hundred dollars to go with the fifty dollars you already have?! It sucks; it really sucks. It's not a good feeling at all. Those who know me, and those who have read my past blogs, know why I'm not working right now.  I'm supposed to be consentrating on getting better; not worring about getting kicked out in the street! Peace of  mind is what I need right now. Got too much on the brain. I know I should let it go up to God Our Father; and a lot of my worries I have. I'm just wondering; how much longer? How much longer? Well, that is all for now. God Bless, and have a good one folks!!

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