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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kids, Back At School!

Well, today got off to a pretty good start! Today was the first day back at school for a lot of us! Only, my oldest; who goes out to River Rouge to go to school, waits by the trailor court for the bus to come; go figure it didn't show up at all! He was out there ten minutes early like they said, only to find out by one of our neighbours that the power was out in area. I watch the news every morning, it show that city at all. So I had him wait a little longer. It was a little bit after eight. My husband, who didn't have to be at work until ten, told him to come back in. I have tried calling the school to see if there was any school at all. Both times, no answer! Wow; first day of school, and my oldest didn't have to go! My youngest did! Well, we will see what happens tomorrow folks! Good thing it wasn't raining out this morning! Today was a half day for a lot of students, full day the rest of the week. I'll have to admit; I don't really like getting up early myself, but I'm used to it. It may take at least two times to hit the snooze button; I still get up before the rest of them do. 5:25,5:30am for me. I don't have coffee to wake me up, I have tea first, then the coffee! Sound strange?! Decaf coffee now. Ran out of the regular, so now I drinking the decaf. Not that it matters to me. I usually drink coffee to warm up. The tea I drink, to stay healthy. Trying to anyway! Unlike last year; this year is more of a challenge, with me getting chemo for my condition. I doing too bad considering. Some masks were brought for me, so if I absolutly have to go out; on it goes. My husband said, I look goofy wearing one. Which I thought wasn't very nice. I let it go. But, today I will be heading out to take my oldest to an appointment. He could go by himself; only today a parent has to be their to sign some papers. Dagnet! He see's a phsycoloist. He can't see a regular doctor by himself. Well, that is all everyone. God Bless, and have a good one!! Peace...

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  1. The first day of school is always hectic! Praying things smooth out as the month goes on! I am still trying to catch up with my Thursday Blog Hop! Follow back @ and/or on facebook @