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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I know I asked this question a fewB months ago or so; here I go again how do you earn money from Blogging? I have tried very hard to figure it out, but unfortionatly, I am not getting anywhere! In fact; since last summer, when I heard about it on the news about mommy bloggers,earning money from blogging. One of the sites is Rock And Drool Mom Gone Mental! It took me a little while to figure out that the part I thought I was blogging in was for the comments, ooops! But I couldn't figure out how to blogg on their, so I started my own blogging website, musicmom; the one I'm blogging on right now. And yes I do follow the website that I just mentioned  before mine. I even leave comments on their every so often. I even follow my own website! But seriously; can somene please give some information on how to go about getting paid to do blogging, because, this time around my husband is out of work; back when I first heard about this; I thought hey this would be great! I could earn a little extra money to put up for an emergencies; or to put up for something else! Now, the only income that is coming in is my social security. And, I am on straight medicad, meaning; I have to pay for a certain medication, it's a hormonal treatment for my type of breast cancer that I can not go without. I really don't like asking someone for a couple of bucks! And most of our federal went to pay down on the rent, bills, & food! Now the landlord is asking for this months rent, and we just paid them a couple of weeks ago! They won't let my husband work in the trailor court to pay down the rest of the rent; because just a few weeks ago my hubby was working on the landlords farm. I don't remember what it was that he was working on, something really heavy fell on his head. It didn't look pretty either! I should  know I was trying to clean it up twice! Only to feel like I was going to pass out! This was no little tiny boo, boo either! Well, anyway I know that is why the landlord and his wife won't let my husband work in the trailor court. Grant it don't get me wrong, I am extremely greatful for their patience; we should have been out in the street a while back!

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