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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What A Beautiful Rainy Day!

Hello to everyone! How's it going today? It is raining today in good ole Michigan! It doesn't bother me one bit. I love the sound of rain; it is so relaxing, besides listening to a fan blowing. I guess by some folks; I'm a little weird on that note. LOL!!! I can't help it! I always liked the sound of rain, and definatly like the sound of a fan going, especialy it's a box fan. Well, when I get one of those lovely headaches; you best believe that a fan will be going on! I can't turn rain on. But, when it rains, it rains! However; I do have a app. on my phone where I can listen to the rain, witch is relaxing. But, I like listening to the rain outside the best. I know for people who have arthuritis; rain is something they do not look foward to. Well, that is all for right now. Please enjoy the rest of this beautiful day! God Bless!! Have a good one, I have some dinner to cook! Peace!!

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