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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

B For..... Well, You Figure Out the Rest.

Well, can't complain; everything is working out sofar at my Doctors visits!! Amen!! But, my husband is driving me nuts!!!! Grant it he is doing his part, but he is still driving me crazy! Arrrrgh! I know, I know, chill out right?! Uuuh; should I? I guess I should just a little bit? Doesn't mean I'm going to let up though. What was good for me; is good for him too!!! I know everyone has their own opinion on this subject; and that's fine with me. I did everything in the past that I was suppossed to do to help pay for bills that needed to be payed for of ours, and even payed my mother- in-law for babysitting. But; I will say, this; I never lived with my in-laws for free! The first time around, about sixteen years ago, when I was new to the household; I was paying my share of the rent! I even helped with buying the food for the house, might as well, we were living there too! And, no, not with a Bridgecard either! Sorry for the not so great mood that I'm in right now,just... a little tired & frusterated, and maybee just a tad bit moody. It's not that unusual for me really; if it should get to where it would be a concern; then I will let my Oncology Dr. know, until then I'm fine! Please don't get me wrong, I don't like treating any adult like a child; I don't! But when certain persons act like one; what else can you do when all else fails and you get to that point where you say, that's it; no more! So yeah...please forgive me for saying this; but someone wear the pants. And, really I do wear pants [ prefurably] jeans everyday people! On Sundays I wear nice looking pants though, not jeans. Maybee once in a while, I wear a skirt outfit. Not everyday though. Well, That is all for now everyone! God Bless, and have a good one!

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