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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Interesting, that now a days there are a lot of places hiring, and yes you absoulutly have to have a high school diploma, or a Ged. Even at a fast food restuarant! Wow; how times have changed from back in the day!  Yes, my husband put jobs in online today, not the amount he was supposed to put online though. 60. Actually, he has fiftythree more that he has to put online. Crazy. And, he had some homework to do also, from his Ged class. He regrets dropping out back in the day. Yep, life sucks when your trying to get any kind of job without a high school diploma, or Ged. And, also when you have a low credit score too. That stinks too. Back in '09' my husband was going to a Ged class, when the teacher I guess was looking ong on the computer, When that Wingfoot job come up. Long story short,they needed one more person; my husband jumped on that one! But, being the kind of job where you don't know when your going to be home, there went that Ged class. So, he's taking it again! With the same teacher too. All this, so we can continue to get the food, and, cash money on our bridge card. I hope, and pray for a good outcome from all of this! Times are dfinetly hard for everyone! I can only pray that it gets better for all of us!  Don't give up people, have faith! It's a struggle, but we will make it through. I struggle spiritually everyday, from the moment I wake up; from the time I go to bed, but I don't give in. I keep praying, and it gets me through the day in one piece. And, through the night! It also helps when their are so many people praying for me, and my family. It's Cool!! I have every reason to be happy! Thank you! Well, that is all everyone, have a good one! And God Bless!

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