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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kids; Gotta Love 'EM'!

Ah yes; kids... I have two of them! One who's going to be fifteen this coming Thursday, and a seven year old! Both boys. And of course, when asked by his grandmother about what to get him for his Birthday; of course; skinny jeans! Go figure! So... yesterday, he brought home a coupon from JCPenny! I guess he had brought it up to one of his teachers. Hey; it doesn't hurt to save money on anything, even on clothes! I feel bad for the kid though, because he knows our situation right now; money wise. Most of the money I get every month goes towards the bills and trying to keep the rent down. Well, we just started getting cash on the Bridge card at the beginning of this month; and if I'm not mistaken, it goes on the card twice a month! So... hopefully pretty soon there will be cash money on the card. Well, as of today; my husband is going for his GED classes again. He will be going twice a week. And between today and tomorrow; he has to put 60 applications in online. Yep, 60. Anyway..... i was talking about the kids right!! Oops, got side tracked! Yep, I love both of my boys, even if at times they drive me crazy!! And yes, they do have there own personality; one thing they do have in common is a sense of humor! Yep, they're both a couple of hams! And that is fine with me!! They have their moments like everyone else; but they also know how to be very polite! When they get home from school; homework first, then go outside, if weather permits of course. Otherwise they would have to unwind indoors! Older kids don't get to go outside and play at school, and the elementrary kids don't get enough playtime at all, so yeah when they get home, after homework; arrrgh crazy time!! Not too crazy though! Well, that is all everyone! May God Bless all of you! And have a good one! Peace.

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