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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ahh...., The Joy Of Blogging!

Yes, blogging can be a good thing; you can definatly get a lot of venting done for sure! Yes, I know; I put some other things in here in between my blogs. I do it because, I give my, ( you the readers), something to either to read, & I even put videos in there too. It's just something that I do! Well, here is the latest update; I'm not taking the hormonal treatment as of last week. As of three days ago now, I recieved my first dose of chemo treatment at the hospital. I was on two different hormonal treatments before this, the first didn't work so well at all! the second, Arimidex; was working for a few months. Until about, June, and earlier this month of July, my right breast wasn't cooperating. so... just the week before when I went to go see my cancer doctor; I was givin my test results from my CT, & Bone scan. Well, the spots are still their, and of course, the righty isn't budging too good. Go figure! It could have been worse though. So, that's when I was this: do you want to go another month taking the Arimidex; or do you want to go ahead and start the chemo. I didn't take too long to answer; Chemo was my answer. I had a choice of taking the pill, or getting the treatment done in the hospital. That's why I came back to see him three days ago; to let him know which one to go with. I decided to get it done at the hospital. It was my personal choice. As long as I'm able to get there, which I will be. I feel it would be easier that way for me personally. So, that is what's going on people! It' not fun to talk about, but it's good to get it off my chest! Well, that is all for now! God Bless, and have a good one. Take care; peace.

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