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Friday, July 15, 2011


Not in the happiest of moods again, can anyone who blogs to earn a living; please tell me how you do it?! I have been checking my earnings part, $0.00 every time I check it!  To my understanding; I read that when someone views my blog, I get paid! I have some ads on my blog page too! I am getting a lot of views, which I greatly appriciate it, but no one is leaving any comments. I'm sorry for the attitude, I am just like everyone who is trying to earn a living doing something that I love doing! But, I am getting to the point, where, I just want to say; I'm done!!! Because, well, I really don't want to give it up! Yes, my husband has just gotten a job, but I still would like to see some different  numbers other than $0.00 in the earnings part! Please help this blogger out! It would be greatly appriciated! Because, I am getting just a little frusterated; just a little!! Sorry for the continued attitude, and frusteration, after all, isn't this what blogging is about?! Getting everything off your chest; and getting your point across at the same time?! I keep it clean! I really do! However, I am not going to hold anything back! Everyone has those moments when they need to get everything of their chest. I have took so much in my lifetime, I have also been let down quiete a few times over, and over! When is it going to go stop?! I'm not expecting to be a millionare, I just, for once would like for someone to at least leave a comment, and please check out the Amazon deals, and if you would, please donate! Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I usually don't complain this bad. On the other hand; please don't missunderstand me, I am a possitive, and very patient person. I believe in God whole heartitly! He has gotten me through so much in my life; even with this breast cancer that I have, I am staying possitive. And it's all because, Our Fathet in heaven! I'm thankful to him for everyday that I am here, and for all my family, friends, and even people that don't even know me; praying for me! God is good! He knows my heart, he knows my pain, my struggles, my frusteration, and my happieness! I believe in him, and I believe that he is with me everyday! Once again thank you for your time! Please take care everyone; God Bless!

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