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Thursday, October 6, 2011

'80's Music; All Kinds

No, I don't have any posters to post on my blogger to show you. But,I can tell you what I do remember about the '80's!! Bits and pieces that is. Yes, even some of those T.V. shows too; Comedies, and dramas! Even a show about a talkng car people! Ah yes, Knight Rider; sigh...Yes, I'm a little embarassed to say this; I had a thing for the Hoff man! Yes, I thought he was cute! That,and I liked the car, and the theme music too!! The theme music was awsome!! And I used to have a poster of him too; until someone tore it off the wall! So much for that picture; lol!! To this day, I still don't know who did it. Hmm!! I never had my own room growing up, so it just made me wonder at that time. Oh well; I moved on to Michael J. Fox when the first Back To The Future movie came out. That's when I thought he was cute! I never had a really had any crushes on musicians until the late '80's, like the late lead singer of Warrent; Janelane. Rest in peace dude. I loved the songs too that Warrent came out with also. I loved that song Heaven the most, "cause" toward the end of the video when he winked with his pretty blue eyes; aww man, I thought I was in Heaven!! Ahh, the big hair bands of this lovely decade!!! I did not have big hair in that decade. Not until the early 1990's. No, it wasn't to big either. I would get told that I looked like a witch from a couple of people. Oh well, lol it didn't bother me one bit! I took it as a compliment!! When 1985 hit; my hair was short for the first time. It freaked me out at first, but it didn't take long to get used to it though. By 1989, my hair was long again!! It was close to my behind. Then one day I cut it to where my sides were growing out. They were long enough. So I cut it to that length, just above my shoulders. The reason I did that,was because I wanted an even length. From then on, I let my hair grow longer, until it grew down to my behind again. Ahh yes; the good ole days when I was young! There were some good times, and bad times. Would I change anything? Maybe a couple of things. Other than that; nope! It was the days of those '80's and early '90's that are a part of my History of Life! Can't, and won't ever change a thing! No, I never did anything illegal. I didn't follow down that path, I followed my own path. What I meant by not changing a thing; is the style of clothes I wore, whether they were hand me downs, or some new clothes; yes I did dress funny, lol! No, I didn't dress skimpy either. I didn't always match either. I was just trying things out. I was a teenager! Freedom of expression, lol! I didn't dye my hair funny colors though. I first got my hair colored when I was 14. My first perm when I was 13. All done by someone who has been a part of the family for a long time; was taking beautition classe and had a test coming up. So guess who was praticed on; yep me! That's when I got my first perm. My parents were pretty cool with it too, even when she colored my hair for the first time. It was Dark Auburn. You never forget your fist hair color, he, he!! I colored my own hair when I turned 17. Now, I am back to my naturel hair color. Dark brown. I always tried to stick with something close to my naturel hair color. Well, as of next year, after my oldest turns 16, he gets to have his hair colored. He already knows what color he wants to. And, you know what; I'm alight with it! Can't say I'm exactly thrilled about it, but after all; my husband and I decided that 16 was the age to get his hair colored. We didn't tell him what color to go with. At least I didn't at first any way, my husband did. Now he just shakes his head. It's all about freedom of expression! There is enough going on, coloring hair isn't a crime people. Well, that is all, God Bless, and take care! Peace..

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