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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pay The Rent; Or Feed Family? Landlord On Vacation!!

Yep, we used some of the rent money to buy food. Mainly; meat. That's what we brought, and some other things that were needed of course. Yes, money is tight, and yes; our food bennifits on the Bridge Card is gone. Reason being; we're just a little bit over the limit to get that program now. As for the cash part, I will find out tomorrow if that is still avaliable or not. I hope it still is. No, I really don't like depending on this stuff! Yeah, money is tight again. But, we will make it. Now the part that sucks is that we had to use the money saved for the rent to buy some stuff that was needed to feed everyone. So yeah; I am hoping that the cash part is on that card tomorrow! Yes we are still playing catch up with the rent that is stil behind. The landlord lets us pay it every week. But last week, and the week before they haven't recieved a payment yet. But, they haven't done anything about our boys' bedroom yet. It hasn't had power in their for almost a year, since the dryer was hooked up in the bathroom. And it has been brought up many times, nothing has been done. I kow it's because we're behind that they won't fix anything. Rightfully, they are supposed to make sure something gets taken care of no matter if we're behind or not! So yes, I do have a lot on my mind right now. Again, but that is alright, because God has my back. I'm going to relax and leave it his hands. He has the power to do whatever he sees fit!! And he making sure that I am here to face these issues everyday; whether I feel like it or not. I have my days just everyone else. And I get through it too, just like everyone else. Yes from what I was told the landlord is on vacation. So yes the money that was put up 'til' he got back, was used for the meat that was much needed. What would you do in this situation. I know how to make food stretch. But you can only stretch it sofar. You figure things out. Sometimes you gotta weigh out your options. Pay rent to someone who's not making sure your place is getting worked on when something needs fixed? Or make sure your family has a proper meal to eat breakfast lunch and dinner? Hmmm?!! We don't try to skip out on paying rent like they get out of fixing our place for upteen months!! So yes, the family has to get fed, to keep ourselfs healthy and keep our energy levels up to get through the day! That is a major plus for me because I'm getting those chemo treatments done, and it makes me tired. I take little cat naps in the mornng, after I take my youngest to school. It's a struggle staying awake. But I manage. I find something to do even if it's one thing; it gets done. Okay I know, I went off track! Oops, my bad!! Just rambling on! But I pretty much said, what I wanted to say,' and hopefully I got my point across! Well, that is all everyone! God Bless, and have a good one!! Peace...

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