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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

At The Library.

Hello everyone! Yup, guess what, I am at the library right now! Reason being; no internet at home right now. Hey, sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing to keep something else running! After a while you figure things out. It sucks to be without internet, but it could be worse. You're most important bills come first. So yeah, the internet had to wait this time. So, I won't be on the computer when I would like to be. Just when the kids are at school in the morning. And of course, when I don't have my appointments. I may be here everyday, or every other day. Just depends on how I'm feeling I guess! Hopefully we won't be too long without internet at home. The only other time I would be coming to the library is to print out some coupons. Which I haven't done in a while. My mother- in - law has been sending coupons my way. And every once in a blue moon, my husband gets a Sunday paper. So... I thought since I have some change for once; I thought I might as well get some more coupons! We have a printer at home but, we just haven't bought any cartridges for it yet. Well, that is all for now! Enjoy your day or evening! God Bless! Peace...

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